Hastings Law Journal, Issue 64.2 (January 2013)

Hastings Law Journal, Issue 64.2 (January 2013)

Plausibility and Disparate Impact
Joseph A. Seiner

Safe Harbors and the National Information Infrastructure
Nicholas W. Bramble

The Rhetoric of Choice: Restoring Healthcare to the Abortion Right
Yvonne Lindgren

Mass Incarceration at Sentencing
Anne R. Traum

The Death of the Public Figure Doctrine: How the Internet and the Westboro Baptist Church Spawned a Killer
Douglas B. McKechnie


Familial DNA Testing, House Bill 3361, and the Need for Federal Oversight
Dane C. Barca

Chance of Rain: Rethinking Circumstantial Evidence Jury Instructions
Eugenee M. Heeter

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