Disaster Compensation Funds

Authorities in Boston have set up a fund (supported by voluntary donations) to compensate the victims of the bombing last week.  Ken Feinberg, the man who administered the 9/11 Fund and the BP Disaster Fund among others, has been called in to help with this one too.

We need more scholarship and regulation of this trend in tort compensation.  While there are advantages in setting each of these funds up as an ad-hoc arrangement and using the expertise of a single individual, drawing up a model statute for states to enact that would create a basic framework for these funds when they are necessary would be better over the long run.

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1 Response

  1. Jimbino says:

    Ken Feinberg unjustly distributed the Twin Tower funds, as he himself hinted at. Those who are highly compensated for death or injury are those who have high earnings, wives and children and other life complications.

    The single, childfree, unemployed artist or musician will get scant compensation.

    This is patently unfair, as it represents an unjustified judgment as to the relative worth of an artist vs. stockbroker, black vs. white, woman vs. man, senior vs. child, and breeder vs. childfree, for example. The compensation does not correspond to a Rawlsian justice, as none of the disadvantaged would agree a priori to such a sick scheme.

    Ken Feinberg should accept the assignment only after insisting that every life be treated as equal.