Cardozo Law Review, Vol. 34, Issue 4


Charter Schools, the Establishment Clause, and the Neoliberal Turn in Public Education 
Aaron Saiger 1163

Challenging the Death Penalty with Statistics: Furman, McCleskey, and a Single County Case Study
Steven F. Shatz & Terry Dalton 1227

The Irony of a Faustian Bargain: A Reconsideration of the Supreme Court’s 1953 United States v. Reynolds Decision
David Rudenstine 1283

Undercover Policing, Overstated Culpability 
Eda Katharine Tinto 1401

Municipal Securities: The Crisis of State and Local Government Indebtedness, Systemic Costs of Low Default Rates, and Opportunities for Reform
Christine Sgarlata Chung 1455


“That’s the Guy!”: Federal Rule of Evidence 801(d)(1)(C) and Out-of-Court Statements of Identification 
Gilbert M. Rein 1539

“Every Move That She Makes”: Copyright Protection for Stage Directions and the Fictional Character Standard
Deana S. Stein 1571

Quasi-Judicial Prosecutors and Post-Conviction Claims of Innocence: Granting Recusals to  Make Impartiality a Reality
Rachel Pecker 1609


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