Squatter in BofA’s Boca Mansion

Bank of America (BofA) is moving to evict a squatter in one of its many foreclosed Florida properties:

Andre Barbosa’s days of stylish squatting in a $2.5-million Boca Raton mansion may be numbered. . . . Adverse possession is a state law which allows someone to move into a property and claim the title — if they can stay there seven years. Barbosa, who calls himself “Loki boy,” posted a signed copy of his “adverse possession” note in the home’s front window.

I’m sure Florida’s efficient judicial system will put this to right forthwith. And if they mess up a bit of paperwork along the way, no worries—independent reviewers can investigate. BofA has been the conscience of the finance community. It would be a grave injustice to see it facing losses due to people claiming title to property they don’t really own.

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