Hastings Law Journal, Issue 63.6 (August 2012)

Hastings Law Journal, Issue 63.6 (August 2012) The Symposium Issue: Law & Policy of the Developing Brain: Neuroscience from Womb to Death

Bridging Developmental Neuroscience and the Law: Child-Caregiver Relationships
Ross A. Thompson

The Relevance of Immaturities in the Juvenile Brain to Culpability and Rehabilitation
Beatriz Luna

Developmental Neuroscience, Children’s Relationships with Primary Caregivers, and Child Protection Policy Reform
Lois A. Weithorn

The Neurobiology of Attachment to Nurturing and Abusive Caregivers
Regina M. Sullivan, Ph.D.

Creating a Clearinghouse to Evaluate Environmental Risks to Fetal Development
Kate E. Bloch

Fetal Risks of Environmental Chemicals: The Motherisk Approach to the Organic Mercury Fish Consumption Scare
Zahra Jahedmotlage, Kathie Schoeman, John Bend, & Gideon Koren

Poor Women and the Protective State
Khiara M. Bridges


The Government Can Read Your Mind: Can the Constitution Stop It?
Mara Boundy

Corporate Codes of Conduct: Binding Contract or Ideal Publicity?
Haley Revak

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