Connecticut Law Review Volume 45 Issue 3

Conn. L. Rev., Volume 45 Issue 3



Immigration, Sovereignty, and the Constitution of Foreignness – Matthew J. Lindsay

“Mentally Defective” Language in the Gun Control Act – Jana R. McCreary

Criminal Affirmance: Going Beyond the Deterrence Paradigm to Examine the Social Meaning of Declining Prosecution – Mary Kreiner Ramirez

Plurality Decisions: Upward-Flowing Precedent and Acoustic Separation – Justin Marceau


Book Review

Does Intellectual Property Law Have Foundations? A Review of Robert Merges’s Justifying Intellectual Property – David H. Blankfein-Tabachnick



Let Them Train: Why the Eighth Circuit’s Decision to Stay the Injunction of the 2011 NFL Lockout Was Incorect – Aaron A. Spacone

No Farms, No Food: Local Taxation and the Preservation of Connecticut’s Farmland – Tara A. Sheldon

The Derivative Work Right: Incentive or Hinderance for New Literature? – Sarah E. Zybert


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