Connecticut Law Review Volume 45 Issue 2

Conn. L. Rev., Volume 45 Issue 2


Limiting Principles and Empowering Practices in American Indian Religious Freedoms – Kristen A. Carpenter

Beyond Incentives: Making Corporate Whistleblowing Moral in the New Era of Dodd-Frank Act “Bounty Hunting” – Matt A. Vega

Mission Impossible: A Legislative Solution for Excessive Executive Compensation – Robert E. Wagner

Casey and a Woman’s Right to Know: Ultrasounds, Informed Consent, and the First Amendment – Scott W. Gaylord & Thomas Molony

Game On for Internet Gambling: With Federal Approval, States Line Up to Place Their Bets – I. Nelson Rose & Rebecca Bolin



The Friendly Separation of Church and State and Bans on Male Circumcision – Michael J. Weil



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