Cardozo Law Review, Vol. 34, Issue 3

Constitutionalism, Ancient and Modern

“Keep the Public Rich, but the Citizens Poor”: Economic and Political Inequality in Constitutions, Ancient and Modern
John P. McCormick 879

Precautionary Constitutionalism in Ancient Athens
Adriaan Lanni & Adrian Vermeule 893

The Origins and Import of Republican Constitutionalism
Clifford Ando 917

Lifeless Writings or Living Script?:  The Life of Law in Plato, Middle Platonism, and Jewish Platonizers
Melissa S. Lane  937

Tyrant-Killing Legislation and the Political Foundation of Ancient Greek Democracy
David A. Teegarden 965

Job’s Justice
Arthur J. Jacobson 983

Classifying Constitutions: Preliminary Conceptual Analysis
Pasquale Pasquino 999

Constitutionalism Ancient and Early Modern: The Contributions of Roman Law, Canon Law, and English Common Law
Janelle Greenberg & Michael J. Sechler 1021

Was the Graphe Paranomon a Form of Judicial Review?
Melissa Schwartzberg 1049

Roman Roots for an Imperial Presidency: Revisiting Clinton Rossiter’s 1948 Constitutional Dictatorship: Crisis Government in the Modern Democracies
David Rudenstine 1063

Early Modern Absolutism and Constitutionalism
Kinch Hoekstra 1079


Why Can’t We Be Friends?:
How Far Can the State Go in Restricting Social Networking Communications Between Secondary School Teachers and Their Students?

Elise Rosen Puzio 1099

Grossly Overbroad: The Unnecessary Conflict  over Mixed Motives Claims in Title VII Anti-Retaliation Cases Resulting from Gross v. FBL Financial Services
Robert Tananbaum 1129

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