Upcoming Online Symposium on Brandon Garrett’s Convicting the Innocent

Next week, we will be hosting an online symposium on Brandon Garrett’s Convicting the Innocent: Where Criminal Prosecutions Go Wrong (Harvard University Press 2011) (just released in paperback).  When I first approached Brandon about bringing a group together to discuss his ground-breaking work, he suggested that we highlight and discuss three new books that intersect well with the problems he tackles in Convicting the Innocent: Stephanos Bibas’s The Machinery of Criminal Justice (Oxford University Press 2012)Daniel S. Medwed’s Prosecution Complex: America’s Race to Convict and its Impact on the Innocent (New York University Press 2012), and Dan Simon’s In Doubt (Harvard University Press 2012).  On Monday, Professor Garrett will kick off the symposium by providing an overview of all four books and their contributions.  That will no doubt spark a conversation about our criminal justice system, including the value of DNA evidence, the black box nature of plea bargains and its troubling implications, prosecutorial misconduct and discretion, cognitive biases affecting juries, among other issues.  Brandon Garrett will be joined by an exciting group of scholars:

Alexandra Natapoff

Steven A. Drizin

Stephanos Bibas

Keith A. Findley

Karen Newirth

Daniel S. Medwed

Dan Simon

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