Introducing Guest Blogger William Reynolds

I’m excited to introduce my colleague Professor William Reynolds who will be guest blogging with us this month. Professor Reynolds is the Jacob A. France Professor of Judicial Process at the University of Maryland School of Law. In 2011, he was voted Teacher of the Year by the Student Bar Association. In 2006, he won the National Award for Public Service from the National Child Support Enforcement Association.

Professor Reynolds has taught more than two dozen subjects. In recent years, he has taught Antitrust, Art Law, Business Associations, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Conflict of Laws, European Union Law, International Business Transactions, and Professional Responsibility.

His scholarship has primarily been in the areas of appellate courts, conflict of laws, and, in recent years, electronic contracting. Professor Reynolds has written in many other fields as well, including antitrust, civil rights, constitutional law, family law, legal ethics, and legal history. He has written or co-authored five books: Judicial Process in a Nutshell, Understanding Conflict of Laws, Cases and Materials on Conflict of Laws, The Full Faith and Credit Clause, and Injustice on Appeal (forthcoming). Professor Reynolds has been published in many leading journals, including the Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, and Tulane law reviews, and The American journal of International Law and The Business Lawyer.

Following law school, Professor Reynolds served as a law clerk for Hon. Frank Kaufman (D. Md.); he joined the Maryland faculty in 1971. He is a Life Member of the American Law Institute, the American Bar Endowment, and the Maryland Bar Endowment. He is Of Counsel to DLA Piper LLP (US), and he has served as an expert witness in both domestic and international litigation concerning questions of antitrust, legal ethics, and aspects of Maryland law. Professor Reynolds often lectures on child support enforcement issues. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Maryland Law Institute.

His recent work includes:

Understanding Conflict of Laws (4th ed. forthcoming 2013) (with William M. Richman).

Injustice on Appeal: The United States Courts of Appeal in Crisis (forthcoming 2012) (with William Richman).

A Case Study in the Superiority of the Purposive Approach to Statutory Interpretation:Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, 64 South Carolina Law Review (forthcoming 2013) (with Donald Gifford and Andrew M. Murad).

From Lord Coke to Internet Privacy: The Past, Present, and Future of Electronic Contracting, Maryland Law Review (forthcoming 2012) (with Juliet Moringiello).

Back to the Future in Law Schools, 70 Maryland Law Review 451 (2011).

Survey of the Law of Cyberspace: Electronic Contracting Cases 2009-2010, 66 Business Lawyer 175 (2010) (with Juliet Moringiello).

What’s Software Got To Do With It? The ALI Principles of the Law of Software Contracting, 84 Tulane Law Review 1541 (2010) (with Juliet M. Moringiello).

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