Goodbye and thank you

My extended guest stint here at CoOp is now at an end. My deepest thanks to Danielle for inviting me (and for offering the extra month, which I was glad to accept), the rest of the CoOp crew for having me, and everyone for reading and commenting. My posts on the infield fly rule are going to form my next scholarly project, so I should be able to put a lot of these comments and ideas to good use.

My apologies for relatively light blogging during my final week. I have been (and still am) in scramble mode, trying to do the final read and review on the manuscript for a student treatise on civil rights litigation. The book is intended both as a student supplement and as a primary assigned book in support of a raw/unedited-case approach to the class (which is how I’ve been teaching the course for a few years now). I welcome any comments and suggestions on the book as it moves through publication (it’s due at the publisher in about a week), so if you teach civil rights (or its parent, Fed Courts) and are interested in having a look at the manuscript, I am happy to share.

I also have been getting ready to teach for the first time since last April, as my first-ever research leave winds down. I have not blogged about being on leave, but probably will when it’s done and I’ve had some time to reflecf. I honestly don’t believe I could have gotten this book done if I were teaching an ordinary load the past three months. At the same time, I have missed being in the classroom and the way that teaching time helps organize and break-up the week.

Anyway, thanks again for reading. I hope to be back here again soon—maybe even sooner than for the final month of the 2016 Elizabeth Warren-Marco Rubio presidential showdown.

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  1. Ken Rhodes says:

    Howard, thank you for sharing your wide range of interests with us, and especially for your interesting forays into the world of sports. It was entertaining and informative to read how legal thinking imbues (and/or infects) our national pastime.

    And perhaps the Cubs will break their 60-odd year World Series drought before it turns to 70, in which case I’m sure you’ll be back here before that next upcoming Presidential campaign.