Cardozo Law Review, Vol. 34, Issue 2


Cartels as Rational Business Strategy: Crime Pays
John M. Connor & Robert H. Lande 427

Dynamic Fiduciary Duties
Andrew S. Gold 491

The Twilight of Equity Liquidity
Jeff Schwartz 531

The Cultural Analysis Paradigm: Women and Synagogue Ritual as a Case Study
Roberta Rosenthal Kwall 609

Can a Computer Intercept Your Email?
Bruce E. Boyden 669

Discovery About Discovery: Sampling Practice and the Resolution of Discovery  Disputes in an Age of Ever-Increasing Information
Charles Yablon & Nick Landsman-Roos 719


Terminating Beyond the Limits: CMS Is Overreaching in Its Attempt to Regulate ACOs According to Antitrust Standards
Benjamin M. Zegarelli 781

A Power and a Duty: Prosecutorial Discretion and Obligation in United States Sentencing Guideline § 3E1.1(B)
Laura Waters 813

A New Paradigm: Domicile as the Exclusive Basis for the Exercise of General Jurisdiction over Individual Defendants
Emily Eng 845


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