Washington Law Review, Issue 87:3 (October 2012)

Volume 87  | October 2012 | Issue 3



In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Richard O. Kummert

Kellye Y. Testy; William R. Andersen; C. Kent Carlson; Robert W. Gomulkiewicz; Roland L. Hjorth; Paula C. Littlewood



State Default and Synthetic Bankruptcy

Richard M. Hynes

Selling Advice and Creating Expectations: Why Brokers Should Be Fiduciaries

Arthur B. Laby



Talking Drugs: The Burdens of Proof in Post-GarcettiSpeech Retaliation Claims

Thomas E. Hudson

Executive Privilege Under Washington’s Separation of Powers Doctrine

Lee Marchisio

Pressing Washington’s Wine Industry into the Twenty-First Century: Rethinking What It Means to Be a Winery

Rebecca Thompson

Protecting Child Victims’ Rights As Vigorously As Criminal Defendants’ When Prosecuting Possession or Distribution of Child Pornography

Kiel Willmore

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