Illinois Law Review, Issue 2012:5

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University of Illinois Law Review, Issue 2012:5

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Framing Disability – Elizabeth F. Emens (PDF)

The Fable of the Codes: The Efficiency of the Common Law, Legal Origins, and Codification Movements – Nuno Garoupa & Andrew P. Morriss (PDF)

Western Legal Prehistory: Reconstructing the Hidden Origins of Western Law and Civilization – Robin Bradley Kar (PDF)

ObamaCare and the Original Meaning of the Commerce Clause: Identifying Historical Limits on Congress’s Powers – Robert J. Pushaw, Jr. (PDF)


The Location of the Contemplated Sale as the Ultimate Guide in “Offer to Sell” Transnational U.S. Patent Infringement Cases – Scott A. Cromar (PDF)

Public Choice Theory, Interest Groups, and Tort Reform – Max H. DeLeon (PDF)

I Need to Feel Your Touch: Allowing Newborns and Infants Contact Visitation with Jailed Parents – Megan McMillen (PDF)

Accountable Care Organizations: How Antitrust Law Impacts the Evolving Landscape of Health Care – Elizabeth L. Rowe (PDF)

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