“Game Of Negligence” And Other 1L Haiku

We recently covered proof of negligence in my torts class at the University of Washington. I gave my students an optional assignment: write a haiku about the reading (pages 238-67 of the 12th edition of Prosser). Here is sampling of their efforts, complete with kigo. Enjoy!


Winter is coming
Dangerous like icy roads,
Bananas and grapes.


No—don’t cry, they said
Not over milk that’s been spilled
but K-Mart will cry


Fall’s weary pattern
Of darkness, of rain and death
It speaks for itself.


Beautiful fall day
But watch for dark bananas
Lurking on the floor


On the ground of stores
Peels of bananas do drop
Like the leaves of fall


She just didn’t see
Warning cones at H.E. Butt
Grape fall made her nuts


Pizza, milk, brown fruit,
Doesn’t this only happen
on Cartoon Network?


Goddard and Anjou
Injured in a Boston fall
Both appeal a peel.


Credits, in order of appearance: Sandra Richani, Jenna Zwang, Mo Johnston, Rachael Wallace,  Eric Forner, Carolyn Krol, Ross Tanaka, Anonymous.  Thanks to these and the other student-poets and to Concurring Opinions for letting me post.

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4 Responses

  1. Jim Maloney says:

    Every torts class should touch upon insurance law, so, arising out of the local scene…

    Post-Sandy New York:
    Insureds seek full coverage,
    But have little hope.

  2. Ashley Casas says:

    @Jim Maloney, perfect! How timely.

  3. Jim Maloney says:

    @Ashley Casas: thank you. This post put me in the mood for haiku-writing, so after the above I posted another Sandy-related one, along with the background story, on a blog of mine:


  4. Ryan Calo says:

    Thanks, Jim! I’ll have to share that with my class. Anyone else have a tort haiku?