What’s in a name and what does it say about your political preferences?

This is kind of neat: It charts political donations by first names (the set covers names appearing 25 or more times in the databases of contributors to the two major-party presidential candidates), trying to also sort by gender. It shows some definite patterns in names that lean one way or another. There even are differences between full names and nicknames (i.e., Christopher leans Republican while Chris leans Democrat; you get increasingly Republican as you go from Liz to Elizabeth to Betty). This somewhat maps onto the gender divide between the parties (since women lean Democrat) and perhaps to the age divide (common first names can be cyclical). It probably also maps onto ethnic divides, as some first names are more common in racial or ethnic groups that lean one way.

The article includes a search function, so have fun looking for your name and your friends’/family’s names. For my part: Howard leans slightly Democrat (52 %-48%), while Jennifer/Jen (my wife) and Lillian/Lily (my daughter) all were overwhelmingly Democrat.

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2 Responses

  1. I am deeply ashamed of the 53% of my fellow Kevins that are Republicans. They were named better than that.

  2. Miriam A. Cherry says:

    Thanks for posting – funny!