Symposium on Contracts in the Real World

A dozen law profs are about to provide reviews of a new book intended to help thousands of students, and scores of scholars, relate old-fashioned contract law to deals in the news.  Over three days–October 16-18, 2012–reviews will be posted here of Contracts in the Real World: Stories of Popular Contracts and Why They  Matter.

You will hear from some of the best teachers of Contracts in the country–along with at least one student–as they explain their encounter with this book, which highlights the beauty, majesty and complexity of the common law of bargains.  I am honored to introduce this amazing group of prawfs and am grateful that they have taken time from their busy schedules to join us for this on-line symposium.






Miriam A. Cherry (St. Louis U.)   






Ronald K. L. Collins (U. Washington)






Erik Gerding (U. Colorado)






Susan Schwab Heyman (Roger Williams U.)






David A. Hoffman (Temple U.)






Nancy S. Kim (Cal. Western)






Donald C. Langevoort (Georgetown U.)





Tom C. W.  Lin (U. Florida)






Jake Linford (Florida State U.)






Jennifer S. Taub (Vermont)

We are delighted to have these wonderful scholar-teachers here for this discussion and look forward to what they have to say.  Enjoy.

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  1. L Martucci says:

    I read this book after completing a very confusing and unsuccessful 1L year of contracts classes. I immediately wished my professor had assigned it as a supplement to our casebook. We obviously covered the same topics in class but something clicked for me when I read about these topics in a modern and more interesting context than, for example, the hairy hand case. Professor Cunningham also writes in a tone that was more accessible for me than the cases and UCC provisions we were assigned in class. Prawfs – if you see a girl in the back row of your class start to nod off while you are lecturing about Lady Duff Gordon, make her read this book!