Upcoming Online Symposium on Robin West’s Normative Jurisprudence

During the week of October 22, Concurring Opinions will be holding an online symposium on Professor Robin West’s brilliant book Normative Jurisprudence (Cambridge Press).  Professor Mortimer Sellers writes of West’s book:

When West insists that the study of jurisprudence (properly so-called) requires the pursuit of just laws through a better understanding of justice, the human good, and human nature, she repeats simple truths well stated and restated by Aristotle, Marcus Tullius Cicero, Thomas Aquinas, Thomas Paine, John Adams, and most students of the law in most cultures for most of human history — but oddly absent in the discourse of contemporary American lawyers and legal academics. The bulk of this volume is dedicated to gently and sympathetically explaining how and why American jurisprudence went off the rails — and eloquently, persuasively urging her colleagues back onto the right track. . . . Robin West has done a tremendous service by reminding American lawyers that jurisprudence and the law must be normative to have any value at all — and that it matters which norms these are.

We have a fantastic line-up of scholars joining Professor Robin West and the CoOp bloggers to discuss the book, including:

Anita L. Allen 

Katharine K. Baker

Brian Bix

Chai R. Feldblum

Mary Anne Franks

Deborah Hellman

Heidi Li Feldman

Jill Hasday

John Mikhail

Lawrence B. Solum

Marc Spindelman

Mark Murphy

Meredith Render

Michelle Madden Dempsey

Peter Quint

Rebecca K. Lee

Professor West

Stephen I. Vladeck

Amelia J. Uelmen

 Benjamin C. Zipursky

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