DIGITIZE!!! Why not? It will only take the weekend

Yes, I am looking at sites I marked and wanted to share. This one is short. I aspire to more digital than analog content. I still love books. But Barton Beebe showed me years ago that pdfs for articles was great. Greg Lastowka furthered that point by explaining the latest in note taking. And Rebecca Tushnet was into this move when tablets first were semi-consumer focused (yes, they existed as a notebook, Apple copied and refined a little and gets much credit whether deserved or not).

Anyway this link from Lifehacker has a ton of resources for those who wish to convert paper, images, audio, and video into all digital as well some storage tips.

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  1. A.J. Sutter says:

    On the other hand: it’s quite interesting to discover old handwritten notebooks, term papers with profs’ handwritten comments and such 20 or 30 (or getting on to 40) years later, when moving or just poking around in chaotic closets. It’s surprising, nostalgic, entertaining, good for introspection, and easily shared with those you’re close with. OTOH 20 years from now, my iPad will just be an inert piece of metal and glass with an irretrievably dead battery and a charger long misplaced. Or it will be like my 3 Sony CLIOs for which maybe I still have a charger (they’re only 10-12 years old, too young for entropy to kick in full-force) — but for which I can no longer run the necessary support software. As for cloud storage — yeah, let’s see how long some of those companies stay in business, even assuming their security is reliable during their lifetimes.