Illinois Law Review, Issue 2012:4

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University of Illinois Law Review, Issue 2012:4

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A Floating NAV for Money Market Funds: Fix of Fantasy? – Jill Fisch & Eric Roiter (PDF)

Veggie Tales: Pernicious Myths About Patents, Innovation, and Crop Diversity in the Twentieth Century – Paul J. Heald & Susannah Chapman (PDF)

Contemporary Meaning and Expectations in Statutory Interpretation – Hillel Y. Levin (PDF)

“Healthism”: A Critique of the Antidiscrimination Approach to Health Insurance and Health-Care Reform – Jessica L. Roberts (PDF)

David C. Baum Memorial Lectures on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Moving the Strike Zone: How Judges Sometimes Make Law – Vaughn R. Walker (PDF)


Never a Lost Cause: Evaluating School Finance Litigation in the Face of Continuing Education Inequality in Post-Rodriguez America – Kerry P. Burnet (PDF)

Beyond Michigan v. Bryant: A Practicable Approach to Testimonial Hearsay and Ongoing Emergencies – Adam A. Field (PDF)

Avoiding the Parade of Horribles: A Revised and Unified Fraud-Created-The-Market Theory of Presumptive Reliance Under Rule 10B-5 – Zachary M. Johns (PDF)

Consumer Class Actions After AT&T v. Concepcion: Why the Federal Arbitration Act Should not be Used to Deny Effective Relief to Small-Value Claimants – Charles Gibbs (PDF)

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