New Titles from NYU Press

Here are some recent titles from NYU Press:

Killing McVeigh: The Death Penalty and the Myth of Closure
Jody Lynee Madeira

Life without Parole: America’s New Death Penalty?
Edited by Charles J. Ogletree, Jr. and Austin Sarat


Run for the Border: Vice and Virtue in U.S.-Mexico Border Crossings
Steven W. Bender


At Liberty to Die: The Battle for Death with Dignity in America
Howard Ball


Not Guilty: Are the Innocent Acquitted?
Daniel Givelber and Amy Farrell


The Right to Be Parents: LGBT Families and the Transformation of Parenthood
Carlos A. Ball


Papa’s Baby: Paternity and Artificial Insemination
Browne C. Lewis


Please check out the above books. You can propose a review of one of these books or another recent title not on the list. We’re aiming for reviews between 500 – 2000 words, ideally about 1000 words. Please email your proposals to me.

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    The links to books 5 and 6 go to the same place.