Hastings Law Journal, Issue 63.5 (June 2012)

Hastings Law Journal, Issue 63.5 (June 2012) The Justice Ginsburg Issue

Principles and Persons: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Raconteuse
Kenneth L. Karst

Justice Ginsburg and Religious Liberty
John D. Inazu

“The Experience and Good Thinking Foreign Sources May Convey”: Justice Ginsburg and the Use of Foreign Law
Jeremy Waldron

Jumpstarting the Stalled Gender Revolution: Justice Ginsburg and Reconstructive Feminism
Joan C. Williams

The Law of Gender Stereotyping and the Work-Family Conflicts of Men
Stephanie Bornstein

A Tale of Three Families: Historical Households, Earned Belonging, and Natural Connections
Allison Anna Tait


Repercussions of China’s High-Tech Rise: Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in China
Emily Gische

Escaping Forced Gang Recruitment: Establishing Eligibility for Asylum After Matter of S-E-G-
Alexandra Grayner

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Sustainable Capitalism: Revelations from the Japanese Model
Joel Slawotsky

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Daniel R. Suhr

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2 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Judge Scalia joining Judge Ginsburg’s appellate panel dissent in Goldman v. Weinberger is interesting given his later support of a neutral burden rule in Oregon v. Smith.

    (see religious liberty article)

  2. awesome blog, i love reading your posts- you are full of so many great ideas! keep the posts coming, for me!:)