The Yale Law Journal: Volume 121, Issue 8 (June 2012)

 The Yale Law Journal

Volume 121, Issue 8
June 2012



Ian Ayres, Regulating Opt-Out: An Economic Theory of Altering Rules

D. James Greiner & Cassandra Wolos Pattanayak, Randomized Evaluation in Legal Assistance: What Difference Does Representation (Offer and Actual Use) Make?



Joshua D. Wright, The Antitrust/Consumer Protection Paradox: Two Policies at War with Each Other



Jonah B. Gelbach, Locking the Doors to Discovery? Assessing the Effects of Twombly and Iqbal on Access to Discovery

Miles B. Farmer, Mandatory and Fair? A Better System of Mandatory Arbitration



Jeffrey A. Love, Fair Notice About Fair Notice

David A. Wishnick, Corporate Purposes in a Free Enterprise System: A Comment on eBay v. Newmark

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