Sleeping with the Jury

Last night I was watching NewsHour’s story about the life and death of Rodney King and was surprised to learn that he was engaged to marry a woman who sat on the jury that awarded him $4 million in his civil suit against the Los Angeles P.D.  Apparently they started dating the day after his trial concluded.  We have all been focused lately on jurors misusing social media that we haven’t spent a lot of time considering the romantic feelings jurors might develop for the trial participants.  Of course I’m not sure it is that big of a problem.  As recent article in Slate explains, while it is clear that jurors cannot talk to the parties or lawyers until the case is over, judges are not going to throw out a verdict simply because a juror developed “feelings” for a litigant.  Let love bloom!

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  1. Howard Wasserman says:

    Florida defense attorney Roy Black married one of the jurors who acquitted William Kennedy Smith on rape charges, when Black represented Smith. They apparently met the night of the verdict and began dating several months later. Reality TV fans may have seen her (although not him) on “Real Housewives of Miami.”