Vanderbilt Law Review, Volume 65, Number 4 (May 2012)

Vanderbilt Law Review, Volume 65, Number 4 (May 2012).

The Vanderbilt Law Review is proud to announce the publication of our May issue. Congratulations to the Class of 2012 and a special thank you to the outgoing editorial board!



Sergio J. Campos, Mass Torts and Due Process, 65 Vand. L. Rev. 1059 (2012).

David S. Rubenstein, Delegating Supremacy?, 65 Vand. L. Rev. 1125 (2012).

Franita Tolson, Reinventing Sovereignty?: Federalism as a Constraint on the Voting Rights Act, 65 Vand. L. Rev. 1195 (2012).



Evie Whiting, Square Dance: Fitting the Square Peg of Fixation into the Round Hole of Choreographic Works, 65 Vand. L. Rev. 1261 (2012).

John C. Williams, Qualifying Qualified Immunity, 65 Vand. L. Rev. 1295 (2012).

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