Podcasts About TV About Law

I know that’s a bit meta, but I had to recommend this series from the University of Alabama. I just listened to Desmond Manderson’s brilliant lecture on the role of the TV show “24” in the American legal imagination, and believe me, it explains a lot. If you prefer your cultural analysis in article form, here’s a bit from an piece by Citron and me:

For some national security theorists, only a structure as nimble and as connected as the terrorist groups themselves could match the threat they pose. In the Jack Bauer imagery of key Bush-era officials, our post-9/11 era demands a rapid response from experts freed from the tedium of legal niceties. . . . [Torin Monahan has described] White House events featuring producers of television series 24, whose co-creator, Joel Surnow, “socialized with former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who says the show ‘reflects real life.”’

While not as convincing as Manderson on 24, Slavoj Zizek on “The Wire” is also well worth listening to.

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