How Lawyers Feel About Their Work

David S. Lee, of LSE, is engaged in an interesting piece of research and asked me to post about it.  After taking the survey linked below (about 10 minutes) I agreed, and I think the underlying project worthwhile. His description follows:

“This survey is part of a research project to try and better understand how lawyers feel about their work. Based on the findings, hopefully meaningful ways to contribute to increased lawyer job/career satisfaction can be suggested.
Much of the literature examining how lawyers feel about their work has been essentially lawyers writing about their work using anecdotes sometimes mixed with surveys that are generally not nuanced enough to go beyond identifying broad themes.
To hopefully address this, I have prepared a survey instrument based on the Job Diagnostic Survey, which was developed by two well-known social psychologists. This survey looks at different psychological drivers that contribute to how one feels about their work with a focus on the intrinsic motivating nature of that work. By unpacking these individual drivers,   I believe constructive suggestions can be offered to improve the lawyer work experience.

As David notes, “the survey itself is taken anonymously and can be completed fairly quickly.”   Here is the link.

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