Hastings Law Journal, Issue 63.4 (May 2012)

Hastings Law Journal, Issue 63.4 (May 2012)

A Profession, If You Can Keep It: How Information Technology and Fading Borders Are Reshaping the Law Marketplace and What We Should Do About It
Stephen Gillers

Issue Preclusion Effect of Class Certification Orders
Antonio GIdi

The Evolution of Unconstitutionality in Sex Offender Registration Laws
Catherine L. Carpenter and Amy E. Beverlin


A Culture Without Consequences? Redefining Purposeful Availment for Wrongful Online Conduct
Jenny L. Grantz

Reducing Civil Litigation Costs by Promoting Technological Innovation: Adopting Standards of Reasonableness in E-Discovery
Kelly Foss

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Sustainable Capitalism: Revelations from the Japanese Model
Joel Slawotsky

Right-Sizing Bar Association Governance
Daniel R. Suhr

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