Symposium on Brett Frischmann’s Infrastructure, April 24-27

book coverThis week, Concurring Opinions is hosting a symposium on Brett Frischmann’s book, Infrastructure: The Social Value of Shared Resources.  Having long followed and enjoyed Brett’s work, Deven and I are honored to organize the discussion.

The book is described here (OUP site) and here (Amazon). The introduction and table of contents are available here. As the introduction notes,

Viewing foundational environmental and intellectual resources through the infrastructure lens yields interesting insights regarding commons management institutions. In particular, both environmental and intellectual property legal systems construct semi-commons arrangements that create and regulate interdependent private rights and public commons.

The symposium will include contributions from Julie Cohen, Laura Denardis, Andrew Odlyzko, Tim Wu, Marvin Ammori, Timothy B. Lee, Robin Chase, David Isenberg, David Post, Adam Thierer, Rick Whitt, and Barbara A. Cherry.

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