Hastings Law Journal, Issue 63.3 (March 2012)

Hastings Law Journal, Issue 63.3 (March 2012)

The Paranoid Style in Regulatory Reform
Jodi L. Short

A Moral/Contractual Approach to Labor Law Reform
Zev J. Eigen and David Sherwyn

Why Sit En Banc?
Stephen L. Wasby

Hip-Hop and Housing: Revisiting Culture, Urban Space, Power, and Law
Lisa T. Alexander


Risky Propositions: A New Standard for the Award of Attorney’s Fees Against Defendant-Intervenors in Ballot-Initiative Litigation
Matthew Slevin

Private Eyes Watching You: Google Street View and the Right to an Inviolate Personality
Roger C. Geissler

Exposing Misconduct: Fixing the California Supreme Court’s Limitation of Post-Conviction Discovery
Jasmine Berndt

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Recent Essays:
Right-Sizing Bar Association Governance
Daniel R. Suhr

Excluding Unemployed Workers from Opportunities: Why Disparate Impact Protections Still Matter
Helen Norton

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