What Anti-Tax Injunction Act?

Well, the initial press accounts of today’s argument are:  “We’re deciding the merits of the case.”  Part 1 of a preemptive opinion–check.  Tune in tomorrow to see if part 2 comes through.

UPDATE:  I think it’s hilarious, by the way, that the mainstream media reports seem to equate “jurisdictional” with “obscure.”  (i.e., “Obscure 1867 law will not stop health care challenge.”).

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1 Response

  1. JoeJP says:

    Still a ways to go as to one and as to two “jurisdictional” involves quite a lot of things, not just one specific law, which to the general public (and probably some law professors) is pretty obscure. The CONCEPT of jurisdiction itself is too, probably, but it’s not the same thing.