Washington Law Review, Issue 87:1 (March 2012)

Volume 87  |  March 2012  |  Issue 1



Preliminary Report on Race and Washington’s Criminal Justice System

Research Working Group of the Task Force on Race and the Criminal Justice System


Graham on the Ground

Cara H. Drinan


Panopticism for Police: Structural Reform Bargaining and Police Regulation by Data-Driven Surveillance

Mary D. Fan


Recalibrating Constitutional Innocence Protection

Robert J. Smith


African Poverty

Duncan Kennedy



Discernible Differences: A Survey of Civil Jury Demands

M Michelle Dunning


High-Tech Harassment: Employer Liability Under Title VII for Employee Social Media Misconduct

Jeremy Gelms


Driving Dangerously: Vehicle Flight and the Armed Career Criminal Act after Sykes v. United States

Isham M. Reavis


Independence for Washington State’s Privileges and Immunities Clause

P. Andrew Rorholm Zellers

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