High Art! Or Because It Is Grim in the Bay Area and This One Made Me Smile

Yes it is deep thoughts time. The grey lurks between the western hills and the narrowing finger of the south San Francisco Bay. Luckily my friend Norm sent this video to me.

Darth Vader? Good. Bag Pipes? Good. Darth and bagpipes put together with a guy in a kilt and on a unicycle? I leave that judgment to posterity (and you all).

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5 Responses

  1. Orin Kerr says:

    Genius, I say.

  2. TJ says:

    Considering he had his legs lopped off in Mustafar, I must say he’s riding that unicycle pretty well.

  3. And here I thought the sight of my professor and friend, the late Ninian Smart,* bicycling through Isla Vista in his kilt, bare and barrel chested, could not be bested!


  4. As Richard Hecht said in his memorial notice for the Department of Religious Studies at UC Santa Barbara:

    “Ninian loved to ride his bicycle through the student community of Isla Vista to the campus. He insisted on never locking his bicycle and it was ‘pinched’ several times. He would ride leisurely, just at a pace necessary to keep him upright and moving forward, and he would be passed by other bicyclists, skateboarders, roller-bladers, and those walking alongside of him. But it was his kilt that turned many a head.”

  5. Edward Still says:

    The video is a cultural mashup. If we were playing “which of these does not belong,” we would be hard-pressed to come up with any connection between Darth Vader, unicycles, and playing the bag pipe.