Fools Rush In . . .

How is the Administration’s decision to bypass en banc review in the Eleventh Circuit looking now?

Unless, of course, this is part of a diabolical scheme to lose the case and run against the Supreme Court this Fall.

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4 Responses

  1. Mark A. Edwards says:

    Like the decision of people still hopeful enough, or naive enough, to believe the rule of law still mattered.

  2. JoeJP says:

    Why would it have been better to wait?

  3. Gerard Magliocca says:

    Well, it would get you past the election. Or a different Court, you never know. Put another way, what was the rush?

  4. JoeJP says:

    A different court? Is a conservative justice going to retire in June? Why is getting past the election useful? What if they lose? What if something else comes up after it? And, the SC didn’t have to take the case now. Apparently, they wanted to do so. If so, why drag things out? And, yeah, Obama is making the law a major part of his re-election campaign.