Blogging Potpourri

I will be offline for the next week, as I’m giving a talk on Bingham in Sacramento. This is part of the “Bring Bingham to the Masses” tour, if by masses you mean law schools. I had a terrific time at Cumberland Law School last week, and will be at McGeorge Law School this week.

An unrelated point. I was hoping to “live blog on tape” the same-day audio of the oral arguments on the constitutionality of the individual mandate. It now appears, though, that the Court will not release same-day audio. A tirade about the Court’s lack of transparency may be coming from me soon.

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2 Responses

  1. annie says:

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    Some bad side effects Ihave had and not heard of anyone else having, vomiting of yellow shit I think is bile, also unwanted thoughts, sometimes questioning if I’m alone or not. And the rest are ovious, me using a phone I don’t feel like typing out. I have experiensed some bad trips of my friends too, warning. If you take a lot of pills don’t smoke this. My friend smoked one hit of mr nice guy second gen blueberry flavor&he puked for like 2 hours, then he smoked more, then was fine. I don’t know what this shit does in long term, if anything bad I’m already fucked, is it worth going through withdrawl?

  2. george says:

    where can i buy online scuby snax with the aligator logo?