Florida Law Review, 64:2 (April 2012)

Florida Law Review


April 2012 | Volume 64, Number 2



Nancy Leong, The Open Road and the Traffic Stop: Narratives and Counter-Narratives of the American Dream

R. Michael Cassidy & Gregory I. Massing, The Model Penal Code’s Wrong Turn: Renunciation as a Defense to Criminal Conspiracy

Charles W. Rhodes, Nineteenth Century Personal Jurisdiction Doctrine in a Twenty-First Century World

Elizabeth Sheyn, Toward a Specific Intent Requirement in White Collar Crime Statutes: How the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 Sheds Light on the “General Intent Revolution”


Rebecca E. Zietlow, Popular Originalism: The Tea Party and Constitutional Theory


Kelly Dunberg, Just What the Doctor Ordered? How the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act May Cure Florida’s Patients’ Right to Know About Adverse Medical Incidents (Amendment 7)


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