Ubiquitous Infringement

Lifehacker‘s Adam Dachis has a great article on how users can deal with a world in which they infringe copyright constantly, both deliberately and inadvertently. (Disclaimer alert: I talked with Adam about the piece.) It’s a practical guide to a strict liability regime – no intent / knowledge requirement for direct infringement – that operates not as a coherent body of law, but as a series of reified bargains among stakeholders. And props to Adam for the Downfall reference! I couldn’t get by without the mockery of the iPhone or SOPA that it makes possible…

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3 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Professor Bambauer:

    I want you to know I enjoy your posts on copyright. While I know very little about this technical area of the law, I am interested in what the future holds regarding property and copyright law in a digital world.

  2. Derek Bambauer says:

    Thanks, Joe! I appreciate it. We’re all peering through the fog to try to figure out the future of copyright law and creativity. But that’s what makes it so fun…