Maryland Law Review 71:1 (December 2011)

Volume 71, Issue 1 (December 2011):

Tributes to Professor Robert I. Keller

Donald G. Gifford

Daniel S. Goldberg

Richard E. Levine

Michael Kelly

Symposium: The Maryland Constitutional Law Schmooze

Foreword: Plus or Minus One: The Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments, Mark A. Graber

The Thirteenth Amendment, Interest Convergence, and the Badges and Incidents of Slavery, William M. Carter, Jr.

Congressional Authority to Interpret the Thirteenth Amendment, Alexander Tsesis

Congressional Authority to Interpret the Thirteenth Amendment: A Response to Professor Tsesis, Jennifer Mason McAward

Involuntary Servitude, Public Accommodations Laws, and the Legacy of Heart of Atlantic Motel, Inc. v. United States, Linda C. McClain

Constitutional Politics, Constitutional Law, and the Thirteenth Amendment, Michael Les Benedict

What’s Different About the Thirteenth Amendment, and Why Does It Matter?, James Gray Pope

The Thirteenth Amendment and the Meaning of Familial Bonds, Julie Novkov

Beyond Originalism: Conservative Declarationism and Constitutional Redemption, Ken I. Kersch

Conclusion: The Political Thirteenth Amendment, Rebecca E. Zietlow


The Right to Refuse: Should Prison Inmates Be Allowed to Discontinue Treatment for Incurable, Noncommunicable Medical Conditions?, Daniel R. H. Mendelsohn


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