University of Toronto Law Journal – Volume 61, Number 4, 2011

University of Toronto Law Journal – Volume 61, Number 4, 2011

Special Issue: Constitutionalism and the Criminal Law

Editors’ Note
Shai Lavi, Hamish Stewart

Mind The Gap: Canada’s Different Criminal And Constitutional Standards Of Fault
Kent Roach

The Abiding Presence Of Conscience: Criminal Justice Against The Law And The Modern Constitutional Imagination
Benjamin L Berger

The Habibi Libel Trial: Defamation And The Hidden-Community Basis Of Criminal Law
Leora Bilsky

Covenants For The Sword
Alice Ristroph

Constitutional Rights In The Balance: Modern Exclusionary Rules And The Toleration Of Police Lawlessness In The Search For Truth
Stephen C Thaman

Policing Morality: Constitutional Law And The Criminalization Of Incest
Markus D Dubber

Basic Rights And Substantive Criminal Law: The Incest Case
Otto Lagodny

Citizenship Revocation As Punishment: On The Modern Duties Of Citizens And Their Criminal Breach
Shai Lavi

Constitutionalism And The Criminal Law: Rethinking Criminal Trial Bifurcation
Talia Fisher

Necessity Knows No Law: On Extreme Cases And Uncodifiable Necessities
Alon Harel, Assaf Sharon

Constitutionalizing Self-Defence
Alan Brudner

The Constitution And The Right Of Self-Defence
Hamish Stewart

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