Introducing Mark Edwards

     I’m pleased to announce that Mark Edwards is back for a repeat visit during the month of January.  Mark is an Associate Professor at William Mitchell College of Law, where he teaches Property I, Property II, Comparative Property Rights, and Constitutional Criminal Procedure.  Mark is regularly voted Teacher of the Year at William Mitchell and most recently received the award for academic year 2010-2011.
     Mark is a contributing editor at PropertyProf Blog.  His publications include Acceptable Deviance and Property Rights, 43 Conn. L. Rev. 457 (2010); Nationalization, De-Nationalization, Re-Nationalization: Some Historical and Comparative Perspective,  30 Pace Law Review 1214 (2009); Law and the Parameters of Acceptable Deviance, 97 J. of Crim. Law & Criminology 49 (2006) ; and The Path of the Law Ands, 1997 Wisc. Law R. 375 (1997) (with Marc Galanter).  He is currently finishing an article on property restitution, particularly in the Czech Republic, where he has been doing research for the past two summers.  You can find Mark’s SSRN page here.
     Welcome back, Mark!

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