Illinois Law Review, Issue 2012:1 (January 2012)

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University of Illinois Law Review, Issue 2012:1

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A Positive Political Theory of Rules and Standards – Frank Cross, Tonja Jacobi & Emerson Tiller  (PDF)

The People Paradox – Nicole Stelle Garnett  (PDF)

Contract’s Constitutive Core: Solving Problems by Making Deals – James A. Henderson, Jr.  (PDF)

Fairness Versus Welfare in Health Insurance Content Regulation – Amy B. Monahan  (PDF)

David C. Baum Memorial Lecture

The Power of Persuasion Before and Within the Supreme Court: Reflections on NEPA’s Zero for Seventeen Record at the High Court – Richard J. Lazarus  (PDF)


Drawing a Line: The Need to Rethink Remedies Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act – Justin A. Walters  (PDF)

Abandoning Property Taxes Assessed on Fallow Nonprofit Property – Brittany L. Viola  (PDF)

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