Contracts in the Real World: Ready for Pre-Ordering

This new book on contracts, regaling readers with stories ripped from the headlines, will be published soon and can be pre-ordered now on and other fine booksellers.  

Contracts in the Real World: Stories of Popular Contracts is intended to be a fun, fast, reliable read. It is very useful for 1Ls struggling with the subject, perfect for anyone thinking about going to law school, and designed to entertain devotees of pop culture. It will also captivate experts in contract law by connecting current events with venerable principles and classic cases.

Stories feature such notables as Eminem, Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump, and Sandra Bullock, as well as examples such as your cell phone contract, lottery sharing partnership, and on-line privacy policy.

List price is $33. The table of contents follows. 

1. Getting In: Contract Formation

A. Gifts, Bargains, Reliance: MLK and BU

     A Charitable Pledge, Estopping Aretha Franklin

B. Ads or Offers: Pepsi and Harrier Jets

     First Come First Served, Jesting

C. Frolic or Acceptance: Boasts on “Dateline NBC”

     The Curious Smokeball, A Hole in One

D. Mutual Assent: Spyware and Secret Clauses

    Two Ships Peerless

E. Policies or Pacts: The Blogger

    Employment Handbooks, Promises of Secrecy

2. Facing Limits: Unenforceable Bargains

A.Unconscionability: Gail Waters’ Annuity Swap

     Chasing Alaska Gold, Escaping Nazi Germany

B. Blackmail: Michael Jordan’s Paternity

     David Letterman and Child Support

C. Palimony: The Rapper 50 Cent

     Lee Marvin’s Lover

D. Gambling: Octogenarian Powerball Sisters

E. Making Babies: Baby M, Baby Calvert

3. Getting Out: Excuses and Termination

A. Mistake and Warranty: Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme

     Forged Dimes, Fertile Cows and Fake Stradivarius

B. Impossibility and Force Majeure: Donald Trump

C. Infancy: Craig Traylor of “Malcolm in the Middle”

D. Outrage: AIG’s Employee Bonuses

E. Embarrassment: The New York Mets and Citi Field

4. Paying Up: Remedies

A. Interests and Limits: Paris Hilton and “Pledge This!”

     Vanessa Redgrave, Jack Dempsey and Robert Reed

B. Compensation: Paris Hilton and Hairtech

     The Hairy Hand, The Beatles’ Recordings

C. Markets and Mitigation: Redskins Season Tickets

     The Bridge to Nowhere, Lost Volume Sellers, Shirley MacLaine

D. Stated Remedies: Sprint’s Early Termination Fees

     The Delayed Mausoleum, Vanderbilt’s Traitorous Football Coach

E. Specific Performance: Tyson Chickens and IBP Pork

     A Unique Manhattan Billboard

5. Rewinding: Restitution and Unjust Enrichment

A. Gratuity or Exchange: Caring for Aunt Frances

     Bascom’s Folly, Emergency Surgery

B. Mere Volunteers: Battling Alaskan Beetles

C. Trailing Promises: Lena Saves Lee’s Life

     The Heroic Lumberman, An Escaped Bull

D. Novel Ideas: The Making of “The Sopranos”

E. Off-Contract Remedies: Rod Stewart at The Rio

6. Writing It Down: Interpretation, Parol, Frauds

A. Plain Meaning I: Eminem’s Digital Records

B. Plain Meaning II: Dan Rather’s Last Broadcast

C. Parol Evidence: The Golden Globes

D. Scrivener’s Error: Who Owns the L. A. Dodgers?

     The Fraudulent Architect, The Erroneous Deed

E. Statute of Frauds: Cliff Dumas’s Phantom Radio Deal

     Jane Fonda’s Luckless Agent, Elizabeth Arden’s Fortunate Hire

7. Performing: Duties, Modification, Good Faith

A. Implied Terms: Butch Lewis and Maya Angelou

      Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon

B. Express Terms: Clive Cussler’s Movie “Sahara”

C. Unanticipated Circumstances: Deutsche Building

     Industrial Detritus, The Salmon Fishermen’s Threat

D. Accord and Satisfaction: Lady Gaga

     The Disputed Home Improvements

E. Adjustment: Conan and “The Tonight Show”

8. Hedging: Conditions

A. Interpretation and Effect: Kevin Costner’s Bison

     An Aborted Vineyard Sale, A Crop Insurance Caper

B. Order of Performance: Charlie Sheen and Warner

     The Country Hotel Sale Bust, The Four-Stage Construction

C. Partial or Total Breach: Sheen and Warner II

     An Accidental Bulldozing

D. Waiver: Sheen and Warner III

    The Imbibing Professor

E. Substantial Performance: Sandra Bullock’s Lake House

     Wrong Plumbing Pipes, Misplaced Walls, Unrestored Farms and Ungraded Gravel Lots

 9. Considering Others: Third Parties and Society

A. Beneficiaries: Supply Chain Abuse at Wal-Mart

     A Sweatshop in Brooklyn

B. Assignment: JP Morgan’s Cablevisión Loan

C. Interference: New England Patriots and StubHub

D. Torts: Katie Janeway’s Tragic Accident

     Amnesty for Ordinary Negligence, A Misleading Authorization

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  1. Orin Kerr says:

    Congrats, Larry.

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    I’m looking forward to seeing this in its final format.


  3. I join the chorus of congratulatory sentiment.

  4. Frank says:

    Congrats, Larry–this looks fascinating!