Transactional Internships in the Summer after the First Year

A number of students have recently asked me about opportunities to work in transactional practice in the summer after their 1L year.   That kind of job search is challenging, as the typical kind of 1L practice revolves around planning for or resolving litigation (i.e., government agency litigation interns, judicial interns, public service interns).  Indeed, I imagine that a large plurality of law students who obtain a legal internship this summer (paid or not) will end up writing some kind of multi- or 50-state survey litigation memorandum.

However, there are transactional opportunities – at law firms (though these are hard to secure for 1Ls); in general counsel’s offices (same objection); in government; and, in particular, in tax and estate planning small practices.  I thought I’d open up a thread for folks to share ideas/experiences with transactional practice in the first summer.  If you had a great job, please tell us about it and what you did. If you’ve ideas for networking of job search, let’s make a public good of them.

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1 Response

  1. Phillip Fry says:

    The deafening silence is just what I expected.

    So unless you win the OCI lottery or have an in somewhere that will let you avoid the HR screening software, best start sending resumes to every judge in the city, county, state 1l kid who wants to do transactional work. It seems pretty easy to get a foot in the door with the family law judges…