The Prince of Wales

Since CoOp is the place for the latest royal news, I thought I’d pass along the gist of a recent report in the British media that Prince Charles must be consulted on any Act of Parliament that might adversely affect his personal interests.  You probably know that the Queen retains the formal right to veto legislation (though that hasn’t happened in over 300 years), but a more obscure custom holds that the heir to the throne can issue a similar nay for a law that touches on his land holdings (estimated to be worth over $1 billion).  Since 2005, he has been consulted by ministers on at least 12 bills.  According to the Guardian, some recent examples include  “bills relating to coroners, economic development and construction, marine and coastal access, housing and regeneration, energy and planning.”  Whether the Prince demanded and got changes in this legislation is not known because all communications between the Government and the Royal Family are confidential.  And you thought that he did nothing but play polo.

Thanks to my friend Tom Shakow for pointing this story out to me.




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