Florida Law Review, 63:6 (December 2011)

Florida Law Review


Volume 63, Issue 6 (December 2011):



Richard A. Epstein, The Constitutional Paradox of the Durbin Amendment: How Monopolies Are Offered Constitutional Protections Denied to Competitive Firms, 63 Fla. L. Rev. 1307 (2011)| PDF


Jeffrey Manns, Building Better Bailouts: The Case for a Long-Term Investment Approach, 63 Fla. L. Rev. 1349 (2011)| PDF

Scott A. Moss, The Overhyped Path from Tinker to Morse: How the Student Speech Cases Show the Limits of Supreme Court Decisions – for the Law and for the Litigants, 63 Fla. L. Rev. 1407 (2011)| PDF


Courtney Gaughan, Some More Watters, Please: The Dodd-Frank Act’s New Preemption Standards Lighten Consumers’ Wallets, 63 Fla. L. Rev. 1459 (2011)| PDF

Jordan E. Pratt, An Open and Shut Case: Why (and How) the Eleventh Circuit Should Restrain the Government’s Forum Closure Power, 63 Fla. L. Rev. 1487 (2011)| PDF

Kathryn A. Kimball, Losing Our Soul: Judicial Discretion in Sentencing Child Pornography Offenders, 63 Fla. L. Rev. 1515 (2011)| PDF


Caycee Hampton, Confirmation of a Catch-22: Glik v. Cunniffe and the Paradox of Citizen Recording, 63 Fla. L. Rev. 1549 (2011)| PDF

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