Which Yale College Has Produced the Most Law Professors?

If JE were around today, he'd be a law professor.

I was talking to my college classmate Rafael Pardo (JE ’98, teaching at U.W.) at the AALS hiring conference, and we came to conclude that Jonathan Edwards College dominates Yale’s inferior colleges in the number (and quality) of law professor alumni it produces.  (And, needless to say, Harvard’s “houses” aren’t particularly relevant to this discussion.) Off the top of our heads, we came up with a bunch of folks — which, in a previous version of this post, I listed.  On reconsideration, and after being told that the AYA prefers not to use the search function in this way, I’m taking down the list in an abundance of caution. People should feel free to use the comment thread to continue inter-college rivalries as they like. And folks who didn’t participate in odd & goofy Yale College traditions should celebrate the interdepartmental units in their respective undergraduate institutions that they belonged to, and tease those who didn’t.

As they say, JE Sux!  Anyone have a different view?

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9 Responses

  1. Dave Hoffman says:

    FWIW, two people have already written in making claims for Berkeley. But it’s not obvious that they are even a college, split as they are in half and consequently riven by discord.

  2. Michael Heise says:

    I take it from the tenor of your post (and response (1)), Dave, that you view JE’s “production” as a positive. I can only shudder at the thought of a college meeting where, say, the selection of wine (red v. white) — along with other weighty issues of the day — were up for debate/discussion in a college utterly teeming with future law profs.

  3. Dave Hoffman says:

    As I recall, the issue we discussed at the relevant meeting was whether we could use our student activity funds to buy a life-size model of han solo frozen in carbonite. There were many,many, future lawyers in the room. Fewer profs.

  4. Marin Levy says:

    This is the most insightful and brilliant post that I have ever read. And I am not biased in the least!

  5. Bruce Boyden says:

    University of Arkansas for the win!

  6. Spoil Sport says:

    “Use of information or communications available through the Yale University Online Alumni Community for any commercial, public, or political purposes is strictly prohibited.”

  7. Dave Hoffman says:

    Spoil Sport.


    I’ll think about it over night and decide a course tomorrow!

    But I’ll keep my name up proudly. I’m JE ’98 and I don’t care who knows it! Berkeley College has nothing on us.

  8. Scott Boone says:

    I just hope you guys got your Han Solo frozen in carbonate replica!

  9. Scott Boone says:

    err, carbonite. Should’ve clicked “preview”