Public Service Reminder: Baby Selling is Illegal.


For less than the price of a new car, police said, Bridget Wismer, 33, of Brookside Park, Del., sold her month-old son to John Gavaghan, of Old Newtown Road near Tremont in Bustleton.

The transaction is believed to have occurred between Sept. 28 and Sept. 30, when police executed a search warrant on Gavaghan’s home and found him with the child, said Cpl. John Weglarz of the New Castle County, Del., police.

Police there said they began their investigation on Sept. 4, when members of Wismer’s family expressed concerns that she might be trying to sell the newborn to a man from Philadelphia.

Despite investigations and interviews, police were initially unable to confirm the allegations. Then Gavaghan was caught on video filling out papers about the sordid transaction while at Delaware Park and Casino in Wilmington, Weglarz said.

“It sounds ridiculous . . . but he was on video surveillance seen completing documents regarding the sale of a baby,” Weglarz said. “It was clearly visible.”

This kind of illicit and unregulated sale of children is, of course, exactly what Posner said results from the current adoption regime.


(H/T:  Law student A.D.)

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