Illinois Law Review, Issue 2011:5 (October 2011)

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University of Illinois Law Review, Issue 2011:5

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Symposium: Law and Economics Conference to Honor Thomas S. Ulen

Introduction – John Colombo  (PDF)

Law and Economics in Japan – J. Mark Ramseyer  (PDF)

Maturing into Normal Science: The Effect of Empirical Legal Studies on Law and Economics – Robert Cooter  (PDF)

Formats for Law and Economics in Legal Scholarship: Views and Wishes from Europe – Carole M. Billiet  (PDF)

The Law and Economics of Legal Parochialism – Nuno Garoupa  (PDF)

Two Culture Problems in Law and Economics – Alan Schwartz  (PDF)

The Future of Law and Finance After the Financial Crisis: New Perspectives on Regulation and Corporate Governance for Banks – Dirk Heremans & Katrien Bosquet  (PDF)

The Legal Academy As Dinner Party: A (Short) Manifesto on the Necessity of Inter-Interdisciplinary Legal Scholarship – Paul J. Stancil  (PDF)

The Cross-Atlantic Law and Economics Divide: A Dissent – Ben Depoorter & Jef Demot  (PDF)

Present Bias and Criminal Law – Richard H. McAdams  (PDF)

Bail-Ins: Cyclical Effects of a Common Response to Financial Crises – Amitai Aviram  (PDF)

What Comes After Victory for Behavioral Law and Economics? – Russell Korobkin  (PDF)

The Psychological Foundations of Behavioral Law and Economics – Jeffrey J. Rachlinski  (PDF)

The Optimism Bias of the Behavioral Analysis of Crime Control – Doron Teichman  (PDF)

The Origins, Nature, and Promise of Empirical Legal Studies and a Response to Concerns – Theodore Eisenberg  (PDF)

An Empirical Analysis of Empirical Legal Scholarship Production, 1990–2009 – Michael Heise  (PDF)

Measuring Maximizing Judges: Empirical Legal Studies, Public Choice Theory, and Judicial Behavior – Joanna Shepherd  (PDF)

Very Like a Law Professor: An Essay in Honor of Tom Ulen – Ian Ayres  (PDF)

Empiricism and the Rising Incidence of Coauthorship in Law – Tom Ginsburg & Thomas J. Miles  (PDF)


Who’s Behind Door Number One?: Problems with Using Confidential Sources in Securities Litigation – David Artman  (PDF)

Whose Right Is It Anyway?:The Evisceration of an Infringer’s Seventh Amendment Right in Patent Litigation – Devon Curtis Beane  (PDF)

Keep it Quiet: How Facially Neutral Affirmative Action Passes Constitutional Scrutiny – Alan Wendler Hersh  (PDF)

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