Law & Religion Call for Papers

On February 23-25, Pepperdine will host the third Religious Legal Theory conference.  It will deal with: “The Competing Claims of Law & Religion: Who Should Influence Whom?”  Some speakers will address the topic as a matter of constitutional law, some as a matter of “good citizenship,” some as a matter of religious faith.  The speakers who have already agreed to speak at the conference include those listed down below this post.  Details are here.

Those interested in speaking at the conference or organizing a panel are welcome to submit proposals on any law and religion topic, by September 15, 2011 to:

The conference will be the basis of a spring 2012 Pepperdine Law Review symposium edition.   Papers submitted by January 7, 2012 will be considered by the law review for publication.  Submission of presentations is optional and publication is not guaranteed.  

 Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na‛im (Emory)

Caroline Corbin (Miami)

Marc DeGirolami (St. John’s)

Mohammad Fadel (Toronto)

Marie Failinger (Hamline)

Chad Flanders (St. Louis)

Richard Garnett (Notre Dame)

Fred Gedicks (BYU)

Michael Helfand (Pepperdine)

James Davison Hunter (Virginia)

Andrew Koppelman (Northwestern)

Samuel Levine (Touro)

 Barry McDonald (Pepperdine)

Michael Moreland (Villanova)

David Opderbeck (Seton Hall)

Michael Paulsen (St. Thomas)

Lisa Shaw Roy (Mississippi)

Shelley Saxer (Pepperdine)

Mark Scarberry (Pepperdine)

Steven Smith (San Diego)

Suzanne Last Stone (Cardozo)

Nelson Tebbe (Brooklyn)

Eugene Volokh (UCLA)


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