Illinois Law Review, Issue 2011:4 (August 2011)

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University of Illinois Law Review, Issue 2011:4

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Disintermediating Avarice: A Legal Framework for Commercially Sustainable Microfinance – Steven L. Schwarcz  (PDF)

Measure Twice, Shoot Once: Higher Care for CIA-Targeted Killing – Afsheen John Radsan & Richard Murphy  (PDF)

State Constitutional Failure – Daniel B. Rodriguez  (PDF)

Rescuing the Strong Precautionary Principle from Its Critics – Noah M. Sachs  (PDF)

David C. Baum Memorial Lecture

Transparency in Three Dimensions – Frederick Schauer  (PDF)


Applying Apprendi to Jury Sentencing: Why State Felony Jury Sentencing Threatens the Right to a Jury Trial – Melissa Carrington  (PDF)

Adjudicating in the Kingdom of Ends: A Constructivist Response to the Hart/Dworkin Debate – Matthew D. Friedlander  (PDF)

Getting Abused and Neglected Children into Court: A Child’s Right of Access Under the Petition Clause of the First Amendment – Ryan M. Rappa  (PDF)

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